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1.80col denom (#28108)

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  • Colnect-453-575-Moth-Rothschildia-sp.jpg
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Desc: 1.80col

Currency: Costa Rican colón (100c=1col)

Numerical sorting value: 10800

Users of this denom: Costa Rica (7 stamps, 1979-1982)

Used by 7 stamps of Costa Rica: See all uses as list
5/14/1979 1.80col issue=Conservation of Marine Fauna d=Cynoscion phoxocephalus perf=13.5
8/31/1979 1.80col dt=butterflies (1979 Costa Rica) d=Rothschildia sp. perf=13.5
8/14/1980 1.80col redbrn issue=1979 dt=Costa Rican presidents d=Francisco Aguilar B. perf=10.75
1/28/1981 1.80col issue=Cornea Bank d=eye (1981) perf=13.25
7/10/1981 1.80col issue=Banco Popular and the Development of the Community d=farmer perf=10.75
5/5/1982 1.80col issue=Costa Rican Progress d=Rural medical care
5/5/1982 1.80col issue=Costa Rican Progress d=Recreational areas

All are airmail

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