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0.20s denom (#28196)

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Desc: 0.20s

Currency: Ecuadorian sucre (100c=1s)

Numerical sorting value: 1200

Equivalent denoms: 20c

Users of this denom: Ecuador (12 stamps, 1957-1976)

Used by 12 stamps of Ecuador: See all uses as list
airmail 4/11/1957 0.20s redbrn issue=Cuenca 400th unwmk
airmail 8/26/1959 0.20s blvio&brn issue=150th Anniversary of Independence unwmk
11/2/1961 0.20s brn issue=Opening of Marine Biology Station on Galapagos Islands / 15th Anniversary of UNESCO
4/20/1964 0.20s issue=1964 surcharges oc=blk on=1s
4/20/1964 0.20s issue=1964 surcharges oc=blk on=1s
4/1/1968 0.20s issue=Tourism Year unwmk
4/7/1969 0.20s issue=1969 surcharges c oc=blk on=30c
2/4/1975 0.20s issue=Colonial Monastery, Tilipulo, Cotopaxi Province d=Arcade unwmk
9/11/1975 0.20s blk&grnyel issue=3rd Ecuadorian Games d=chess unwmk
9/11/1975 0.20s blk&redorg issue=3rd Ecuadorian Games d=hurdling (1975) unwmk
11/19/1975 0.20s dt=flowers (1975 Ecuador) d=Phragmipedium candatum lindeni unwmk
2/12/1976 0.20s issue=Archaeological Discoveries 1976 d=Venus 800-500 v Chr unwmk

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