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1lm denom (#28432)

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Desc: 1lm

Currency: Maltese lira (1000m=100c=1lb=1lm)

Numerical sorting value: 60000

Users of this denom: Malta (10 stamps, 1973-2006)

Used by 10 stamps of Malta: (See all uses as list)

3/31/1973 1lm issue=1973 wmk=Maltese cross mult
10/31/1981 1lm issue=History of Maltese Industry d=Sea Transport wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
3/25/1989 1lm d=arms of Malta wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
12/9/1991 1lm issue=1991 dt=Natural and Artistic Heritage of the Maltese Islands d=Arab Horses sculpture (National Museum o… wmk=Maltese cross mult
2001 1lm issue=Maltese Flowers d=Malva sylvestris (2001) wmk=Maltese cross mult
6/3/2003 1lm issue=Queen Elizabeth II coronation 50th d=HM during a walkabout in Valletta
9/15/2004 1lm dt=Maltese festivals d=Mnarja wmk=Maltese cross mult
9/23/2005 1lm issue=Battle of Malta d=SS Ohio arriving at the Grand Harbour wmk=Maltese cross mult
8/18/2006 1lm dt=naval vessels (2006) d=USS Belknap frigate & Slava soviet cruiser 1989 wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
9/28/2006 1lm dt=castles & Towers d=Selmun Castle wmk=Maltese cross mult