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1.30dh denom (#28487)

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Desc: 1.30dh

Currency: Moroccan dirham (100c=1dh=1d)

Numerical sorting value: 7800

Used by 14 stamps: See all uses as list
Morocco postage 3/3/1981 1.30dh multi issue=20th Anniversary of King Hassan's Coronation unwmk
Morocco postage 4/8/1981 1.30dh multi d="Source" - Jillali Gharbaoul unwmk
Morocco postage 5/18/1981 1.30dh multi issue=World Telecommunications Day unwmk
Morocco postage 6/5/1981 1.30dh multi issue=Blind Week 1981 unwmk
Morocco postage 6/18/1981 1.30dh multi issue=22nd National Folklore Festival unwmk
Morocco postage 9/7/1981 1.30dh multi unwmk
Morocco postage 9/24/1981 1.30dh multi issue=Red Crescent 1981 dt=Moroccan Copperware unwmk
Morocco postage 10/29/1981 1.30dh multi dt=butterflies (1981 Morocco) d=Zerynthia rumina africana unwmk
Morocco postage 11/6/1981 1.30dh multi issue=6th Anniversary of the Green March unwmk
Morocco postage 11/22/1981 1.30dh multi issue=10th International Twinned Towns Congress unwmk
Morocco postage 12/8/1981 1.30dh multi issue=1st Anniversary of Mohammed V Airport unwmk
Morocco postage 12/29/1981 1.30dh multi unwmk
Morocco postage 1/21/1982 1.30dh multi dt=carpets (1982) unwmk
Morocco postage 2/25/1982 1.30dh multi dt=Butterflies and Moths d=Mesoacidalia aglaja lyauteyi unwmk