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3col denom (#28631)

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Desc: 3col

Currency: Salvadoran colón (100c=1col)

Numerical sorting value: 18000

Users of this denom: El Salvador (9 stamps, 1970-1996)

Used by 9 stamps of El Salvador: See all uses as list
airmail 2/24/1970 3col dt=insects (1970) d=Elaterida unwmk
2/28/1992 3col issue=Red Cross Lifeguards unwmk
4/6/1992 3col issue=Ecology 1992 unwmk
7/17/1992 3col issue=Olympics 1992 unwmk
8/28/1992 3col issue=500th Anniversary of Discovery of America unwmk
1/15/1993 3col dt=mammals (1993 El Salvador) d=Puma yagouaroundi unwmk
9/28/1995 3col dt=orchids (1994 El Salvador) d=Hexadesmia micrantha unwmk
9/28/1995 3col dt=orchids (1994 El Salvador) d=Pleurothallis segoviense unwmk
7/3/1996 3col issue=100th Anniversary of Modern Olympic Games unwmk

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