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1.25af denom (#29)

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Desc: 1.25af

Currency: Afghan afghani (100p=1af=1a)

Numerical sorting value: 7500

Equivalent denoms: 125p

Users of this denom: Afghanistan (16 stamps, 1942-1965)

Used by 16 stamps of Afghanistan: See all uses as list
4/1942 1.25af ultra d=sugar factory unwmk perf=12
1943 1.25af issue=independence 25th unwmk perf=12
1944 1.25af issue=independence 26th unwmk perf=12
1945 1.25af issue=independence 27th unwmk perf=12
1947 1.25af issue=independence 29th unwmk perf=12
3/21/1951 1.25af pur&blk issue=1951 d=Zahir Shah small unwmk perf=12
8/25/1951 1.25af issue=independence 33rd d=Nadir Shah & monument unwmk perf=12
1952 1.25af issue=independence 34th d=++on=8/24/1952 unwmk
8/24/1952 1.25af dpbl unwmk
8/1957 1.25af issue=independence 39th unwmk perf=12
3/22/1964 1.25af issue=Stamp Day 1964 d=Tigers head of 1878 unwmk
10/15/1964 1.25af issue=Birthday of King Zahir Shah d=King Sahir Shah unwmk
4/26/1965 1.25af dt=birds (1965 Afghanistan) d=Garrulus lanceolatus unwmk
5/30/1965 1.25af d=Ruins of Shahr-e Gholghola unwmk
7/26/1965 1.25af issue=10th Anniversary of ARIANA Air Lines d=DC-3 (1965) unwmk
10/14/1965 1.25af issue=51st birthday of King Sahir Shah d=King Sahir Shah unwmk

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