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31l denom (#3117)

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Desc: 31l

Currency: Romanian leu (100b=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 186000

Equivalent denoms: 31.00l (5)

Users of this denom: Romania (9 stamps, 1945-1951)

Used by 9 stamps of Romania: (See all uses as list)

1945 31l dlvio issue=1945a liberation d=G Lazar 1779-1823 author Cluj University wmk=cross & crown mult perf=14.25x14
8/17/1948 31l oc=blk on=3/25/1948-32l wmk=cross & crown mult perf=14.5x14
12/21/1949 31l olblk issue=Stalin 70th d=Josef Stalin wmk=RPR mult perf=13.5
1950 31l dlgrn issue=1950 d=arms of Romania (1950) wmk=RPR mult perf=12.5
4/23/1950 31l issue=1950 industrial plan wmk=RPR mult perf=14x14.5
5/25/1950 31l ver issue=Pioneer Organization 1st d=Young Pioneers marching wmk=RPR mult perf=14.5x14
10/30/1950 31l blk issue=sports badge wmk=RPR mult perf=14.5x14
1/28/1951 31l dkgrn issue=9th World University Winter Games d=bobsled (1951) wmk=RPR mult perf=13.5
2/9/1951 31l issue=industry agriculture exposition d=agriculture wmk=RPR mult

Used by 1 stampdesc as denom: