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20le denom (#3200)

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Desc: 20le

Currency: Sierra Leonean leone (100c=1le)

Numerical sorting value: 120000

Used by 42 stamps: See all uses as list
Sierra Leone postage 8/25/1986 20le multi dt=flowers of Sierra Leone d=Hibiscus rosasinensis (1986)
Sierra Leone postage 11/17/1986 20le multi issue=Christmas 1986 dt=paintings by Titian d="The Holy Family" - Titian
Sierra Leone postage 6/15/1987 20le multi issue=Capex '87
Sierra Leone postage 8/4/1987 20le multi dt=butterflies (1987 Sierra Leone) d=Tanuetheira timon
Sierra Leone postage 8/17/1987 20le multi issue=100th Anniversary of the Birth of Marc Chagall d="Ida at the Window" - Marc Chagall
Sierra Leone postage 8/28/1987 20le multi issue=Milestones of Transportation
Sierra Leone postage 9/15/1987 20le multi dt=Flora and Fauna d=Stenolobium stans
Sierra Leone postage 12/9/1987 20le multi issue=60th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse
Sierra Leone postage 12/21/1987 20le multi issue=Christmas 1987 dt=Religious Paintings by Titian d="Madonna and Child with Saints Ulfus and
Sierra Leone postage 2/29/1988 20le multi dt=fungi (1988) d=Lactarius deliciosus (1988)
Sierra Leone postage 4/13/1988 20le multi dt=fishes of Sierra Leone d=Hemichromis bimaculatus (1988)
Sierra Leone postage 6/25/1988 20le multi dt=birds (1988 Sierra Leone) d=Merops apiaster (1988)
Sierra Leone postage 8/22/1988 20le multi issue=500th Anniversary of the Birth of Titian d="St. Mark enthroned with Saints" - Titian
Sierra Leone postage 11/1/1988 20le multi issue=125th Anniversary of International Red Cross
Sierra Leone postage 12/15/1988 20le multi issue=Christmas 1988 b d="Virgin and Child surrounded by Flowers"
Sierra Leone postage 4/28/1989 20le multi issue=World Cup 1990 in 1989 d=West Germany v. Netherlands, 1974
Sierra Leone postage 4/28/1989 20le multi issue=Olympics 1988 winners d=Men's 50 Metres Freestyle Swimming (Gold
Sierra Leone postage 7/13/1989 20le multi issue=Philexfrance '89 d=Danton
Sierra Leone postage 9/8/1989 20le multi dt=orchids of Sierra Leone d=Eurychone rothchildiana
Sierra Leone postage 11/29/1989 20le multi issue=World Stamp Expo '89 d=Gazella subgutturosa (1989)
Sierra Leone postage 12/18/1989 20le multi issue=Christmas 1989 a dt=Disney characters in cars d=1937 Buick Roadmaster Sedan Model 91
Sierra Leone postage 4/23/1990 20le multi dt=Disney characters (1990)
Sierra Leone postage 4/27/1990 20le multi dt=Olivier d=Wuthering Heights
Sierra Leone postage 6/4/1990 20le multi dt=birds (1990 Sierra Leone) d=African Finfoot
Sierra Leone postage 10/22/1990 20le multi dt=carousel animals
Sierra Leone postage 11/12/1990 20le multi dt=Olympics (1992)
Sierra Leone postage 12/17/1990 20le multi issue=Christmas 1990 dt=paintings (1990)
Sierra Leone postage 12/24/1990 20le multi dt=more paintings
Sierra Leone postage 12/31/1990 20le multi dt=mushrooms (1990 Sierra Leone) d=Bolbitius vitellinus (1990)
Sierra Leone postage 4/8/1991 20le multi issue=Easter 1991 d="The Last Judgement" - detail, Peter Paul Rubens
Sierra Leone postage 5/13/1991 20le multi issue=PHILANIPPON '91
Sierra Leone postage 6/3/1991 20le multi dt=fishes (1991 Sierra Leone) d=Epiplatys dageti
Sierra Leone postage 6/28/1991 20le multi issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Vincent van Gogh d="Patience Escalier" - Vincent van Gogh
Sierra Leone postage 7/5/1991 20le multi issue=10th Anniversary of the Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Sierra Leone postage 10/1/1991 20le multi dt=butterflies (1991 Sierra Leone) d=Tanuetheira timon
Sierra Leone postage 10/14/1991 20le multi issue=Films of Second World War
Sierra Leone postage 3/3/1992 20le multi issue=Mickey's World Tour
Sierra Leone postage 11/16/1992 20le multi issue=Christmas 1992
Sierra Leone postage 12/1/1992 20le multi dt=birds (1992 Sierra Leone) d=Alcedo cristata (1992 Sierra Leone)
Sierra Leone postage 12/7/1992 20le multi issue=Christmas 1992 b d="Virgin and Child with the Flight into Egypt
Sierra Leone postage 5/5/1993 20le multi issue=Butterflies 1993 dt=butterflies (1993 Sierra Leone) d=Pseudacraea boisduvali (1993 Sierra Leone)
Sierra Leone postage 1/27/1997 20le multi issue=Christmas with Aladdin Disney

Used by 1 stampdesc as denom:
issuer=Sierra Leone-20le-Merops apiaster