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2kr denom (#32317)

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Desc: 2kr

Currency: Icelandic króna (100aur=100a=1k=1kr)

Numerical sorting value: 12000

Equivalent denoms: 200a (4), 2k (23)

Users of this denom: Iceland (4 stamps, 1922-1959)

Used by 4 stamps of Iceland: (See all uses as list)

official 6/6/1922 2kr pnk issue=1922 official d=No.74 wmk=mult crosses perf=12.75
official 1/1/1930 2kr blgrn issue=1930 official d=No. 137 wmk=mult crosses
official 8/7/1930 2kr ultra&gray issue=1920 official wmk=mult crosses
5/5/1959 2kr grn issue=Jón Thorkelsson death 200th d=Jón Thorkelsson teaching children perf=13.75x14.25