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0.10r denom (#35539)

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Desc: 0.10r

Currency: Brazilian real (100c=1r$=1r)

Numerical sorting value: 600

Equivalent denoms: 0.10r$, 10c

Users of this denom: Brazil (3 stamps, 1997-2001)

Used by 3 stamps of Brazil: See all uses as list
5/28/1997 0.10r dt=fruits (1997 Brazil) d=Ananas comosus (1997)
9/12/1999 0.10r dt=fruits (1999 Brazil) d=pineapple perf=rouletted
9/20/2001 0.10r dt=musical instruments (2001 Brazil) d=Cavaquinho perf=rouletted

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