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0.05b denom (#36871)

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Desc: 0.05b

Currency: Ethiopian birr (100c=1$=1br=1b)

Numerical sorting value: 300

Equivalent denoms: 5c

Users of this denom: Ethiopia (4 stamps, 2014-2018)

Used by 4 stamps of Ethiopia: (See all uses as list)

12/2/2014 0.05b issue=Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the University of gondar
4/21/2016 0.05b issue=Haramaya University Diamond Jubilee
3/21/2017 0.05b issue=Fishes 2017 d=Labeobarbus macrophtalmus
6/5/2018 0.05b issue=Churches 3rd Series d=Narga Selassie Monastery (Baher Dar)

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