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9.50l denom (#38066)

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Desc: 9.50l

Currency: Moldovan leu (100b=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 57000

Users of this denom: Moldova (16 stamps, 2015-2019)

Used by 16 stamps of Moldova: (See all uses as list)

8/15/2015 9.50l issue=Art 2015 d=by Vasile Naşcu
12/4/2015 9.50l issue=Winter National traditions and Customs d=The Plough (Pluguşorul)
4/5/2016 9.50l issue=Europa 2016
9/27/2016 9.50l issue=International Year of Pulses d=Pea (Pisum sativum)
5/18/2017 9.50l issue=Treasures of the Past d='Monstruoso' fibula Silver plated with gold III-IV Century
6/4/2017 9.50l issue=SMURD rescue team memorial
8/23/2017 9.50l issue=Sports 2017 d=Lawn tennis trial
10/23/2017 9.50l issue=100 Years since Country Council creation
11/15/2017 9.50l issue=Jonathan Swift - 350 Years since his birth dt=Famous personalities (2017)
3/29/2018 9.50l dt=Fauna of the 'Pădurea Domnească' Nature Reserve d=Dryocopus martuius
5/3/2018 9.50l issue=Inventions and Discoveries that changed the World d=Alexander Fleming (2018)
7/22/2018 9.50l issue=Day of the Moldovan postage stamp 2018
12/5/2018 9.50l issue=King Michael I memorial dt=Personalities Anniversary Commemorations (II)
12/26/2018 9.50l issue=Church Bells, Joint Issue Republic of Moldova - Ukraine d=1838 Belfry of the Nativity Cathedral in Chișinău
12/26/2018 9.50l issue=Church Bells, Joint Issue Republic of Moldova - Ukraine d=1705 Belfry of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv
4/11/2019 9.50l issue=Fauna of Moldova 2019 d=Spermophilus suslicus