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12.00l denom (#38145)

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Desc: 12.00l

Currency: Romanian leu (100b=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 72000

Equivalent denoms: 12l

Users of this denom: Romania (18 stamps, 2016-2018)

Used by 18 stamps of Romania: (See all uses as list)

3/18/2016 12.00l issue=Brilliant Romanians d=Ana Aslan (2016)
4/18/2016 12.00l issue=125 Years in the Inter-Parliamentary Union perf=13.5
5/4/2016 12.00l issue=Europa 2016 perf=13
7/5/2016 12.00l issue=The Holy Putna Monastery, 550 Years perf=13
11/1/2016 12.00l issue=25 Years of the World Bank in Romania perf=14
11/11/2016 12.00l issue=Christmas 2016 perf=14
3/10/2017 12.00l issue=Easter 2017 d='The Resurrection - The Harrowing of Hell' part of the Darvari hermitage
5/26/2017 12.00l issue=Distinguished collections 2017 d=A multi-spiral bracelet (estimated to be from 1st Century BC) perf=13.5
3/9/2018 12.00l issue=Easter 2018 dt=Icon from the patrimony of the Alba Iulia Cathedral d=The Crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ
6/30/2018 12.00l issue=Minerals from Romania d=Quartz and calcite imperf
7/17/2018 12.00l issue=Famous Romanians (II) d=Nicolae Iorga perf=14
7/17/2018 12.00l issue=Famous Romanians 2018 b d=Nicolae Iorga perf=13.5
8/24/2018 12.00l issue=Locomotives, Mocănițe Steam Trains d=Vaser Valley "Mocăniţa" steam train, inaugurated in 1933 perf=13.5
8/24/2018 12.00l issue=Locomotives 2018 d=Vaser Valley Mocăniţa perf=13.5
10/5/2018 12.00l issue=Birds records 2018 d=Pelecanus crispus
10/5/2018 12.00l issue=Bird records d=Pelecanus crispus perf=13.5
10/23/2018 12.00l issue=Nicolae Minovici 150th d=Villa with bells, today 'Dr. Nicolae Minovici' Folk Art Museum
10/23/2018 12.00l issue=Nicolae Minovici 150th d=Dr. Nicolae Minovici Folk Art Museum perf=13.5

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