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500l£ denom (#38834)

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Desc: 500l£

Currency: Lebanese pound (10000c=100pia=100p=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 5000000

Equivalent denoms: 500lb

Users of this denom: Lebanon (12 stamps, 2001-2009)

Used by 12 stamps of Lebanon: (See all uses as list)

2001 500l£ issue=2001 d=Cedrus libani perf=13x13.5
7/14/2001 500l£ issue=Lebanese Prisoners in Israel perf=11x11.5
8/31/2001 500l£ issue=50th Anniversary of Red Cross Geneva Conventions 1999 perf=11x11.5
10/11/2002 500l£ issue=2002 d=Historic buildings in Byblos perf=13.25x13.5
3/10/2004 500l£ issue=2004 d=Faqra Ski Resort
10/28/2004 500l£ issue=Winter Sports and Festivals d=International Festival of Baalbek perf=11x11.5
10/11/2005 500l£ issue=Buildings in Beirut perf=13.25
2/14/2007 500l£ issue=2nd Anniversary of the Death of Basil Fuleihan
7/2/2007 500l£ issue=United Nations's International Year (2005) of Sport and Physical Education
7/2/2007 500l£ issue=125th Anniversary of the Islamic Welfare Organization Makassed in Beirut
4/30/2008 500l£ issue=125th Anniversary of the Birth of Khalil Gibran
9/17/2009 500l£ issue=100th Anniversary of the Mission Laïque Française in Lebanon

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