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15.00l denom (#40140)

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Desc: 15.00l

Currency: Romanian leu (100b=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 90000

Equivalent denoms: 15l

Used by 18 stamps: See all uses as list
Romania postage 4/15/2016 15.00l multi issue=Flowers' Wings d=Silver-studded Blue (Plebejus argus)
Romania postage 5/20/2016 15.00l multi issue=Seasons at the Village Museum
Romania postage 5/28/2016 15.00l multi issue=World Stamp Show New York 2016
Romania postage 6/1/2016 15.00l multi issue=Childhood's Characters d=Mr. Goe
Romania postage 7/5/2016 15.00l multi issue=The Holy Putna Monastery, 550 Years
Romania postage 7/15/2016 15.00l multi issue=Sibiu, 825 Years of recorded existence
Romania postage 8/12/2016 15.00l multi issue=Transalpina - a journey through the clouds
Romania postage 8/19/2016 15.00l multi issue=Romania's Cities - Cluj-Napoca d="Babeș-Bolyai" University
Romania postage 8/24/2016 15.00l multi issue=Service through friendship - 20 years of International Police Association Romanian Section
Romania postage 9/9/2016 15.00l multi issue=Bats 2016 dt=bats (2016) d=Nyctalus noctula (2016)
Romania postage 10/7/2016 15.00l multi issue=Anniversaries from Coanda to F-16 d=IAR-99
Romania postage 10/11/2016 15.00l multi issue=Beyond the Frontiers of knowledge d=ELI-NP
Romania postage 10/14/2016 15.00l multi issue=Discover Romania, Muntenia d=Romanian Athenaeum & statue of Ion I. C. Brătianu
Romania postage 10/27/2016 15.00l multi issue=Engines, A royal passion d=King Michael I visit to Lockheed Aircraft factory
Romania postage 11/24/2016 15.00l multi issue=Live Healthy! Bible Foods (1) d=olives
Romania postage 12/21/2016 15.00l multi issue=New Year Customs
Romania postage 1/10/2017 15.00l multi issue=Palace of Culture in Iaşi
Romania postage 1/25/2017 15.00l multi issue=Wild Orchids 2017 d=Broad-leaved Helleborine (Epipactis helleborine)