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2.00l denom (#40634)

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Desc: 2.00l

Currency: Bulgarian lev (100st=100s=100cm=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 12000

Equivalent denoms: 2l

Users of this denom: Bulgaria (21 stamps, 1994-2019)

Used by 21 stamps of Bulgaria: (See all uses as list)

4/27/1994 2.00l issue=Prehistoric Animals 1994 d=Plesiosaurus (1994)
4/28/2016 2.00l issue=Year of the Monkey 2016
5/10/2016 2.00l issue=Antique Thracian Coins 2016
10/7/2016 2.00l d=100 Years since the creation of the "Great is our Soldier", Anthem of the Bulgarian Army"
10/7/2016 2.00l d=WIKI Loves Earth
10/22/2016 2.00l issue=Adventure Motorcycles d=Honda VFR800X Crossrunner
11/17/2016 2.00l issue=100th Anniversary of Birth of Dimitar Dobrovitch
10/21/2017 2.00l issue=We, the Sparrows d=Petronia petronia perf=13
10/21/2017 2.00l issue=Alternative City Transport d=Scooter perf=13
4/25/2018 2.00l issue=Europa 2018 dt=bridges (2018) perf=13
5/4/2018 2.00l issue=75th Anniversary of the birth of Georgi Asparuhov
6/5/2018 2.00l issue=30 Years of Alexander Alexandrov's Space flight in the 'MIR' Orbital complex
6/14/2018 2.00l issue=World Cup 2018 perf=13
8/15/2018 2.00l issue=1300 Years since the Victory of Khan Tervel over the Arab Army - Siege of Constantinople on August 1
9/26/2018 2.00l issue=130th anniversary of Bulgarian State Railways perf=13
10/19/2018 2.00l issue=Extinct species d=Pinguinus impennis perf=13
10/20/2018 2.00l d=Nestinarstvo
11/20/2018 2.00l issue=100th Anniversary of the Ascension to the Throne of Boris III King of the Bulgarians
2/1/2019 2.00l issue=Via Pontica Bird Migratory Route d=Phalacrocorax pygmeus perf=13
2/8/2019 2.00l issue=140th Anniversary of the Constituent Assembly of the Tarnovo Constitution perf=13.25x13
4/24/2019 2.00l issue=Europa 2019 perf=13.25x13

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