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5ch denom (#40718)

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Desc: 5ch

Currency: Iranian toman (200ch=200c=200s=10kr=10k=2fr=1t)

Numerical sorting value: 300

Equivalent denoms: 5c, 5s

Users of this denom: Iran (4 stamps, 1902-1935)

Used by 4 stamps of Iran: See all uses as list
official 1902 5ch issue=1902 official
airmail 10/17/1928 5ch olbrn issue=1928 air b
airmail 7/6/1930 5ch issue=1930 air d=Reza Shah Pahlavi & eagle over Alborz
airmail 6/1/1935 5ch issue=1935 air d=Reza Shah Pahlavi & eagle over Alborz on=1930-5s

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