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2col denom (#4179)

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  • Colnect-3545-838-Constitution-and-laurel-wreath.jpg
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Desc: 2col

Currency: Salvadoran colón (100c=1col)

Numerical sorting value: 12000

Equivalent denoms: 2.00col

Used by 31 stamps: See all uses as list
El Salvador airmail 2/16/1941 2col issue=University of El Salvador 100th unwmk
El Salvador airmail 2/14/1952 2col brn&dkbl issue=1950 constitution unwmk
El Salvador postage 6/20/1956 2col issue=Santa Ana Department 100th unwmk
El Salvador airmail 12/15/1962 2col issue=3rd Central American Industrial Exposition unwmk
El Salvador postage 6/13/1969 2col multi dt=butterflies (1969 El Salvador) unwmk
El Salvador postage 10/24/1969 2col multi dt=Salvador Hospitals unwmk
El Salvador airmail 2/24/1970 2col multi dt=insects (1970) d=Eulema dimidiata unwmk
El Salvador airmail 9/21/1970 2col multi issue=education year unwmk
El Salvador postage 5/15/1973 2col multi issue=Olympics 1972 unwmk
El Salvador airmail 11/16/1977 2col multi issue=2nd Central American Games d=table tennis (1977) unwmk
El Salvador airmail 9/7/1979 2col multi dt=prehistoric animals (1979 El Salvador) unwmk
El Salvador airmail 5/18/1981 2col issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Heinrich von Stephan d=Heinrich von Stephan (1981 El Salvador) unwmk
El Salvador airmail 5/17/1982 2col multi issue=World Telecommunications Day 1982 unwmk
El Salvador postage 7/1/1982 2col multi issue=World Cup 1982 d=Perf: 11½ unwmk
El Salvador postage 9/13/1984 2col multi issue=National Energy Resources unwmk
El Salvador postage 10/16/1984 2col multi dt=Children's Games (1984) unwmk
El Salvador postage 11/23/1984 2col multi issue=Tourism 1984 unwmk
El Salvador postage 12/10/1984 2col multi dt=paintings (1984 El Salvador) d="Figures in Theatre Box" - Carlos Canas unwmk
El Salvador postage 3/6/1985 2col multi dt=archaeological finds (1985) unwmk
El Salvador postage 4/22/1985 2col multi dt=Agricultural Products (1985) unwmk
El Salvador postage 5/30/1986 2col multi dt=Mammals (1986) d=Tayassu tajacu unwmk
El Salvador postage 6/6/1986 2col multi issue=World Cup 1986 unwmk
El Salvador postage 8/31/1988 2col multi issue=Olympics 1988 unwmk
El Salvador postage 11/30/1988 2col multi dt=paintings (1988 El Salvador) d="Children" - Julio Hernandez Aleman unwmk
El Salvador postage 12/21/1988 2col multi issue=500th Anniversary of Discovery of America (in 1988) unwmk
El Salvador postage 12/20/1989 2col multi dt=birds (1989 El Salvador) d=Accipiter striatus unwmk
El Salvador airmail 3/30/1990 2col multi issue=50th Anniversary of El Salvador Philatelic Society unwmk
El Salvador postage 4/1990 2col issue=Philatelic Society 50th unwmk
El Salvador postage 7/30/1990 2col multi issue=500th Anniversary of Discovery of America (in 1992) unwmk
El Salvador postage 11/28/1990 2col multi dt=butterflies (1990 El Salvador) d=Anaea (Memphis) proserpina unwmk
El Salvador postage 9/16/1991 2col multi issue=500th Anniversary of Discovery of America unwmk