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8b denom (#4697)

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  • Colnect-1502-326-Mussaenda-Elegans.jpg
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Desc: 8b

Currency: Gambian dalasi (100b=1d)

Numerical sorting value: 480

Users of this denom: Gambia (6 stamps, 1971-1980)

Used by 6 stamps of Gambia: (See all uses as list)

7/1/1971 8b dt=fishes (1971 Gambia) d=Eleotris africana
7/1/1977 8b issue=1977 dt=flowers and Shrubs d=Mussaenda elegans perf=14.5
1/3/1978 8b issue=Palestinian Welfare d=Dome of the Rock (1978 Gambia) perf=14.5
12/1/1978 8b issue=Launching of River Vessel "Lady Chilel Jawara" d=MV Lady Wright perf=14.5
10/2/1980 8b dt=Early Sailing Vessels d=Phoenician Trading Vessel perf=14.5
12/23/1980 8b issue=Christmas 1980 d="Madonna and Child" - Francesco de Mura perf=14x14.25