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16f denom (#4735)

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Desc: 16f

Currency: Hungarian pengő (100f=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 960

Users of this denom: Hungary (18 stamps, 1926-1941)

Used by 18 stamps of Hungary: (See all uses as list)

1926 16f dkvio issue=1926 d=Matthias Cathedral wmk=four double crosses
airmail 9/1/1927 16f redbrn issue=1927 air d=turul 1927 wmk=four double crosses
1928 16f vio issue=1928 d=Matthias Cathedral wmk=double cross on pyramid
8/1/1928 16f orgred d=St. Stephen wmk=double cross on pyramid
8/1/1929 16f vio d=St. Stephen wmk=double cross on pyramid
3/1/1930 16f pur issue=Horthy regency 10th d=Horthy wmk=double cross on pyramid
1932 16f dlvio dt=portraits (1932) d=Deak wmk=double cross on pyramid
airmail 6/20/1933 16f issue=1933 air d=airplane over Danube valley wmk=double cross on pyramid
7/10/1933 16f viobrn d=leaping stag wmk=double cross on pyramid
postage due 12/1/1934 16f ultra issue=1934 due d=numeral (1934) wmk=double cross on pyramid perf=15
9/25/1935 16f lilgray issue=University of Budapest 300th d=Pazmany wmk=double cross on pyramid
9/2/1936 16f vio issue=Buda liberation 250th d=Guardian Angel over Buda wmk=double cross on pyramid
1/1/1938 16f grayvio issue=St Stephen death 900th d=Stephen the Church builder wmk=double cross on pyramid perf=12
9/24/1938 16f brncar issue=Debrecen University 400th d=students wmk=double cross on pyramid
6/1/1939 16f rosevio issue=religious d=Crown of St Stephen (1939) wmk=double cross on pyramid
postage due 4/17/1941 16f brncar issue=1941 due a wmk=cross & wreath & crown perf=15
9/21/1941 16f olbrn issue=Szechenyi 150th d=Széchenyi & Hungarian Academy of Science wmk=double cross on pyramid perf=12x12.5
postage due 10/15/1941 16f brncar issue=1941 due b wmk=cross & wreath & crown perf=15

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