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6a denom (#5178)

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Desc: 6a

Currency: Pakistani rupee (pre-decimal) (192p=16a=1r)

Numerical sorting value: 4320

Users of this denom: Pakistan (6 stamps, 1947-1959)

Used by 6 stamps of Pakistan: (See all uses as list)

1947 6a pckbl issue=1947 ovpt=PAKISTAN oc=blk on=issuer=India-6a-pckbl
8/14/1948 6a dpbl issue=1948 d=Karachi Port Authority building right
12/1949 6a dpbl issue=1949 d=Karachi Port Authority building left
8/14/1951 6a redorg issue=independence 4th
8/14/1955 6a dkbl issue=independence 8th
10/27/1959 6a dkbl

Used by 3 stampdescs as denom: