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40l denom (#5247)

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Desc: 40l

Currency: Greek drachma (100l=1dr=1d)

Numerical sorting value: 40

Users of this denom: Corfu (1 stamp, 1941), Crete (3 stamps, 1901-1910), Greek occupation of Epirus (2 stamps, 1914-1916), Greece (37 stamps, 1861-1975), Dedeagatch (1 stamp, 1913), Lemnos (2 stamps, 1912), North Epirus (1 stamp, 1940), Italian occupation of the Ionian Islands (1 stamp, 1941), Greek occupation of Thrace (2 stamps, 1920)

Used by 50 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Greece 10/1/1861 40l vio issue=1861 Paris d=large Hermes head imperf
Greece 11/1861 40l vio issue=1861 Athens a d=large Hermes head imperf
Greece 1862 40l redvio issue=1862 d=large Hermes head imperf
Greece 1868 40l rosevio issue=1868 d=large Hermes head imperf
Greece 1870 40l sal issue=1870 d=large Hermes head imperf paper=medium no mesh
Greece 1872 40l brn d=large Hermes head imperf paper=thin with mesh
Greece 1875 40l sal d=large Hermes head var=back figures imperf paper=cream
Greece postage due 1875 40l grn&blk issue=1875 due a d=numeral (1875 Greece) perf=9-10.5
Greece postage due 1875 40l grn&blk issue=1875 due b d=numeral (1875 Greece) perf=12-13
Greece 1880 40l lil d=large Hermes head imperf paper=cream
Greece 1888 40l vio issue=1886 d=small Hermes head imperf
Greece 1891 40l redvio issue=1889a d=small Hermes head imperf
Greece 1891 40l redvio issue=1889b d=small Hermes head perf=11.5
Greece 1891 40l vio issue=1891a d=small Hermes head perf=11.5
Greece 1891 40l redvio issue=1891b d=small Hermes head perf=13.5
Greece 1893 40l bl issue=1889a d=small Hermes head imperf
Greece 1893 40l bl issue=1889b d=small Hermes head perf=11.5
Greece 4/6/1896 40l ultra issue=Olympics 1896 d=vase perf=14x13.5
Greece 9/1900 40l bis issue=1900a d=large Hermes head var=back figures ovpt=value oc=blk on=1875-2l-bis imperf paper=cream
Greece 9/1/1900 40l yelbrn issue=1900b
Crete postage due 1901 40l red issue=1901 postage due d=posthorn (1901)
Greece 1901 40l dkbrn d=Bolognas Hermes wmk=crown & ET perf=13.5
Greece postage due 3/1/1902 40l brn issue=1902 due wmk=crown & ET
Greece 3/1906 40l dkbrn issue=Olympics 1906 wmk=crown & ET
Crete postage due 1908 40l red issue=1908 postage due d=posthorn (1901) ovpt=HELLAS oc=blk on=40l-red
Crete postage due 1910 40l red ovpt=HELLAS(greek)(large) oc=blk on=40l-red
Greece 1911 40l bl issue=1911 d=Iris goddess (1911)
Greece occupation 1912 40l bl issue=1912 occ b d=Iris goddess (1911) ovpt=greek admin oc=blk on=issue=1911-40l
Greece occupation 1912 40l bl issue=1912 occ d d=Iris goddess (1911) ovpt=greek admin oc=red on=issue=1911-40l
Greece occupation 1912 40l issue=1912 occupation d=eagle of Zeus
Lemnos 1912 40l dkbl issue=1912b d=No. 145
Lemnos 1912 40l dkbl issue=1912d d=No. 145
Greece postage due 12/15/1912 40l brn issue=1912 occ due a d=33
Greece postage due 1913 40l ind issue=1913 due perf=12-13
Greece postage due 1/1/1913 40l brn issue=1912 occ due b d=33
Dedeagatch 9/15/1913 40l bl issue=1913c
Greece 1914 40l bl issue=1913 d=Iris goddess (1911)
Greek occupation of Epirus 12/1914 40l issue=1914 d=eagle of Zeus ovpt=B. EPIROS(greek) oc=blk on=issuer=Greece-issue=1912 occupation-40l
Greek occupation of Epirus 1916 40l bl issue=1916 on litho d=Iris goddess (1911) ovpt=B. EPIROS(greek) oc=blk on=issuer=Greece-issue=1913-40l-bl
Greece 11/1/1916 40l bl issue=1916a d=Iris goddess (1911) ovpt=crown//CT oc=blk on=issue=1911-40l
Greek occupation of Thrace 6/1920 40l bl issue=1920a on litho d=Iris goddess (1911) ovpt=(greek)//(greek)//(greek) oc=blk on=issuer=Greece-issue=1913-40l
Greek occupation of Thrace 7/1920 40l issue=1920d east and west on litho ovpt=(greek)//(greek) oc=blk on=issuer=Greece-40l
Greece 4/1/1927 40l blgrn issue=1927 dt=landscapes & costumes d=The White Tower Thessaloniki
Greece 4/1/1930 40l blgrn issue=independence 100th d=alexander ypsilantis perf=12
Greece 11/1/1937 40l blk&blkgrn issue=1937 d=Coin of Amphiktyony wmk=crowns
North Epirus 12/10/1940 40l blk&dkgrn issue=1940
Italian occupation of the Ionian Islands 1941 40l blk&blkgrn issue=1941a d=Coin of Amphiktyony ovpt=ITALIA//... oc=blk on=issuer=Greece-1937-40l wmk=crowns
Corfu 6/5/1941 40l blk&blkgrn issue=1941 d=Coin of Amphiktyony ovpt=CORFU oc=blk on=issuer=Greece-issue=1937-40l wmk=crowns
Greece 4/23/1960 40l issue=Greek Boy Scouts 50th d=helping in disaster wmk=crowns
Greece 6/26/1975 40l dt=18th century Greek houses d=Popular Architecture Arnea House Chalkidiki wmk=crowns

Used by 19 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Greece-40l-small Hermes head
issuer=Greece-issue=1912 occupation-40l
issuer=Greece-type=occupation-issue=1912 occupation-40l
issuer=Greece-type=postage due-1913-40l-ind
issuer=Crete-type=postage due-40l-red
issuer=Crete-type=postage due-1901-40l-red