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10s denom (#659)

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Desc: 10s

Currency: Austrian schilling (100g=1s)

Numerical sorting value: 60000

Users of this denom: Austria (27 stamps, 1926-2001), UN offices in Vienna (11 stamps, 1979-2001)

Used by 38 stamps: See all uses as list
Austria airmail 1926 10s issue=1925b air d=airplane & crane unwmk
Austria postage due 6/1/1935 10s grn issue=1935 due d=numeral & arms of Austria unwmk
Austria airmail 8/16/1935 10s graybl issue=scenic air d=aircraft over sailing boats on the Attersee unwmk
Austria 7/25/1936 10s dkbl issue=Dolfuss memorial d=Dolfuss unwmk
Austria airmail 1947 10s issue=1947 air d=plane over St Charles Church, Vienna unwmk
Austria airmail 1950 10s issue=birds airmail d=gray heron unwmk
Austria 3/13/1950 10s gray issue=1948 dt=costumes (1948) d=woman of Vienna 1850 with big hat unwmk
Austria 10/22/1957 10s dkblgrn issue=buildings d=Heidenreichstein Castle unwmk
Austria 11/13/1973 10s issue=1973 dt=beautiful Austria d=Neusiedlersee (1973) unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 8/24/1979 10s issue=1979 unwmk
Austria 3/18/1988 10s d=Wilten Abbey unwmk
Austria postage due 1989 10s grn unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 9/11/1991 10s issue=Ban of Chemical Weapons unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 9/4/1992 10s issue=Mission Earth unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 9/4/1992 10s issue=Mission Earth unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 11/20/1992 10s issue=Human Rights 1992 d=Article 24 unwmk
Austria 11/27/1992 10s issue=Hermann Potocnik 100th d=satellite circling the Earth unwmk
Austria 3/19/1993 10s issue=200th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Sealsfield d=Charles Sealsfield unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 5/7/1993 10s issue=45th Anniversary of WHO unwmk
Austria 6/11/1993 10s issue=U.N. World Human Rights Conference Vienna 1993 unwmk
Austria 8/26/1994 10s issue=1993 d=Abbey Marie Luggau unwmk
Austria 11/18/1994 10s issue=100th Anniversary of the Birth of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi unwmk
Austria 1/13/1995 10s issue=125th Birthday of Adolf Loos unwmk
Austria 6/26/1995 10s issue=UN 50th unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 6/26/1995 10s blblk issue=50th Anniversary of the United Nations b unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 6/26/1995 10s blblk issue=50th Anniversary of the United Nations b unwmk imperf
UN offices in Vienna 2/2/1996 10s issue=1996 unwmk
Austria 4/26/1996 10s issue=300th Anniversary of the Death of Georg Mattäus Vischer unwmk
Austria 6/21/1996 10s issue=Olympics 1996 unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 9/17/1996 10s issue=Call for Peace unwmk
Austria 10/25/1996 10s issue=1000th Anniversary of Osterreich unwmk
Austria 10/25/1996 10s issue=1000th Anniversary of Osterreich unwmk
Austria 11/22/1996 10s issue=50th Anniversary of UNICEF unwmk
Austria 2/21/1997 10s issue=150th Anniversary of the Austrian Academy of Sciences unwmk
Austria 5/9/1997 10s issue=Composers 1997 dt=Composers (1997) d=Franz Schubert (1997) unwmk
Austria 1/21/2000 10s issue=Tales and Legends of Austria 2000 unwmk
UN offices in Vienna 3/29/2001 10s issue=International Year of Volunteers d=++on=0.72€ unwmk
Austria 9/14/2001 10s dt=Antique Handicrafts unwmk

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