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6k denom (#6859)

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Desc: 6k

Currency: Zairean zaire (10000s=100k=100nk=1z=1nz)

Numerical sorting value: 600

Equivalent denoms: 0.06z (2)

Users of this denom: Democratic Republic of the Congo (3 stamps, 1969-1971), Zaire (3 stamps, 1972-1975)

Used by 6 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Democratic Republic of the Congo 5/2/1969 6k issue=Kinshasa Fair
Democratic Republic of the Congo 7/22/1969 6k ltultra&multi issue=1969 d=Mobutu
Democratic Republic of the Congo 6/25/1971 6k issue=World Telecommunications Day
Zaire 1972 6k issue=1972 d=Mobutu
Zaire 11/9/1974 6k issue=Foreman-Ali fight d=boxers in ring
Zaire official 1975 6k issue=1975 official d=Mobutu ovpt=SP on=issue=1972-6k

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