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1.30sh denom (#7163)

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Desc: 1.30sh

Currency: East African shilling (2000c=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 7800

Equivalent denoms: 1sh30c

Users of this denom: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania (13 stamps, 1958-1969), Zanzibar (2 stamps, 1967)

Used by 15 stamps: See all uses as list
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 7/30/1958 1.30sh vio&grn issue=100th Anniversary of Discovery of Lakes Tanganyika and Victoria by Burton and Speke d=map
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania official 7/1/1959 1.30sh vio&redorg issue=1959 official
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 5/17/1965 1.30sh issue=ITU 100th d=ITU emblem (1965 Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 8/2/1966 1.30sh issue=8th Commonwealth Games d=c
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 10/3/1966 1.30sh issue=UNESCO 20th d=UNESCO emblem in green box
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 1/23/1967 1.30sh issue=East African Airways 21st d=Hawker Siddeley Comet 4B
Zanzibar 2/5/1967 1.30sh issue=Afro-Shirazi Party 10th d=Hanga wmk=mult crown & script CA
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 5/2/1967 1.30sh dt=archaeology d=Luzira - Uganda
Zanzibar 8/20/1967 1.30sh d=volunteer workers wmk=mult crown & script CA
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 3/4/1968 1.30sh dt=East African mountains d=Mount Kilimanjaro (1968)
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 5/13/1968 1.30sh issue=WHO 20th d=c
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 10/14/1968 1.30sh issue=Olympics 1968
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 1/20/1969 1.30sh dt=water transport (1969) d=MV Victoria
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 4/15/1969 1.30sh issue=ILO 50th d=c
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 7/31/1969 1.30sh issue=Pope visit d=c