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8m denom (#7176)

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Desc: 8m

Currency: Finnish markka (100p=1mk=1m)

Numerical sorting value: 48000

Equivalent denoms: 8.00m, 8.00mk

Users of this denom: Finland (7 stamps, 1946-1950)

Used by 7 stamps of Finland: (See all uses as list)

1/24/1946 8m pur issue=1930 d=arms of Finland (1930)
3/16/1946 8m pur d=arms of Finland (1930) oc=blk on=1945-5m-pur
6/1/1946 8m d=athletes with wreaths
9/19/1946 8m dkvio d=Utö lighthouse sailing ship
12/3/1946 8m issue=Porvoo 600th d=Cathedral,Porvoo
12/14/1946 8m grnblk d=waterfront,Tammisaari
1/9/1950 8m issue=1950 d=arms of Finland (1930)

All are perf=14

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