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30q denom (#75)

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Desc: 30q

Currency: Albanian lek (fr) (100q=1fr=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 1800

Users of this denom: Albania (12 stamps, 1926-1946)

Used by 12 stamps of Albania: (See all uses as list)

postage due 12/24/1926 30q redbrn issue=1926 due
postage due 9/1/1930 30q vio issue=1930 due
11/20/1937 30q olbrn issue=independence 25th
8/30/1938 30q blvio issue=kingdom 10th
8/1939 30q brtvio issue=1939b d=Victor Emmanuel III (1939) perf=14x14.25
postage due 2/1/1940 30q dkbl issue=1940 due d=Arms of Albania
1943 30q brtvio issue=independence again d=Victor Emmanuel III (1939) ovpt=14//Shtator//1943 oc=blk on=issue=1939b-30q perf=14x14.25
1/4/1945 30q brn issue=1945a ovpt=QEVERIJA//... oc=blk on=issue=1939b-3q
7/10/1945 30q sl issue=1945b d=Lake Butrinto ovpt=U.N.CL.SHO.... oc=blk on=1930-1q perf=14
11/28/1945 30q org dt=scenic (1945 Albania) d=‭Country House Labinot perf=11.5
1946 30q org issue=1946a dt=scenic (1945 Albania) d=‭Country House Labinot ovpt=ASAMBLEJA//... oc=blk on=11/28/1945-30q perf=11.5
1946 30q org issue=1946b dt=scenic (1945 Albania) d=‭Country House Labinot ovpt=REPUBLIKA POPULLORE//E//SHQERIPSE oc=blk on=11/28/1945-30q perf=11.5

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