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30m denom (#7837)

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Desc: 30m

Currency: Libyan pound (1000mil=1000m=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 1800

Users of this denom: Libya (18 stamps, 1955-1971)

Used by 18 stamps of Libya: (See all uses as list)

1/1/1955 30m vio issue=Arab Postal Union 1st d=globe wmk=crown & Arabic F mult perf=14
8/1/1955 30m vio issue=2nd Arab Postal Congress d=globe on=issue=Arab Postal Union 1st-30m wmk=crown & Arabic F mult perf=14
9/15/1955 30m bl issue=1955 d=emblems wmk=multiple crescent & star perf=14
9/14/1956 30m bl issue=Senussi death 100th d=Tomb from Immam by Jarabub wmk=crown & Arabic F mult perf=14
12/10/1958 30m ultra issue=human rights 10th d=UN emblem (1958) perf=14
1960 30m red pc=pink issue=1960 d=emblems wmk=multiple crescent & star perf=14
7/13/1962 30m issue=3rd Boy Scouts' Meeting
2/28/1963 30m issue=Tripoli International Fair 1963
2/28/1964 30m issue=3rd Tripoli International Fair
10/18/1964 30m issue=Olympics 1964
12/1/1964 30m yelgrn&brn issue=10th Anniversary of Arab Postal Union
2/10/1965 30m dt=birds (1965 Libya) d=Pterocles senegallus
12/24/1968 30m issue=Inauguration of Libyan Television Service
1/1969 30m dt=fruits (1969) d=Pyrus communis
7/1/1969 30m issue=African Tourist Year
9/1/1970 30m issue=1st Anniversary of September Revolution d=Flag of Libya, soldiers, tank
3/18/1971 30m issue=9th Tripoli International Fair
10/8/1971 30m issue=21st Anniversary of the Death of Ibrahim Usta Omar d=Ibrahim Usta Omar

Used by 1 stampdesc as denom:
issuer=Libya-issue=Arab Postal Union 1st-30m