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2t denom (#8402)

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Desc: 2t

Currency: Portuguese Indian rupia (192r=16t=1rp)

Numerical sorting value: 1440

Users of this denom: Portuguese India (37 stamps, 1881-1956)

Used by 37 stamps of Portuguese India: (See all uses as list)

1881 2t bl issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=1877-40r-bl-Portuguese crown
1881 2t dkbl issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=1880-50r-dkbl-Portuguese crown
1881 2t lil issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=1877-100r-Portuguese crown
1881 2t org issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=1877-200r-Portuguese crown
1881 2t sl issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=25r-sl-Portuguese crown
1881 2t vio issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=25r-vio-Portuguese crown
1881 2t yel issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=40r-yel-Portuguese crown
1881 2t yelbrn issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=1877-300r-Portuguese crown
1881 2t yelgrn issue=1881c d=Portuguese crown oc=blk on=1877-50r-yelgrn-Portuguese crown
1882 2t bl issue=1882 d=Portuguese crown
4/29/1886 2t dpbl d=King Luís I (1886)
1895 2t rose d=King Carlos (1893)
1898 2t bl issue=1898 d=King Carlos (1898 India)
5/1/1898 2t viobrn issue=Vasco da Gama 400th d=Archangel Gabriel (1898)
1902 2t brn issue=1898 d=King Carlos (1898 India)
1902 2t bl issue=1902c d=King Carlos (1898 India) ovpt=PROVISORIO oc=blk on=1898-2t-bl
postage due 1904 2t d=numeral (1904 colonial due)
1905 2t dlbl d=King Carlos (1898 India) ovpt=PROVISORIO oc=blk on=1902-2 1/2t-dlbl
1911 2t brn issue=1911a d=King Carlos (1898 India) ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=blk on=issue=1898-2t-brn
postage due 1911 2t d=numeral (1904 colonial due) ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=blk on=1904-2t
1913 2t viobrn issue=1913a d=Archangel Gabriel (1898) ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=blk on=2t-viobrn-Archangel Gabriel (1898)
1913 2t bl issue=1913b d=King Carlos circle ovpt=REPUBLICA(serifs) oc=blk on=2t-bl-King Carlos circle
1913 2t bl issue=1913e d=King Carlos (1898 India) ovpt=REPUBLICA(serifs) oc=blk on=issue=1902c-2t
1913 2t dkbl&blk issue=Ceres d=Ceres (1913)
postage due 1914 2t d=numeral (1904 colonial due) ovpt=REPUBLICA(serifs) oc=blk on=1904-2t
12/3/1931 2t issue=Xavier exposition
1933 2t issue=1933 d=Portugal & ship San Gabriel wmk=Maltese cross
9/1/1938 2t org&blk issue=Empire d=Prince Henry the Navigator (1938)
1949 2t grn issue=more Fatima
5/1950 2t issue=Holy Year
1951 2t yel issue=Holy Year 1951
1951 2t issue=Vaz 300th
postage due 3/15/1952 2t issue=1952 due d=numeral (1952 Portuguese)
10/25/1952 2t issue=Xavier death 400th
4/10/1954 2t issue=Gama Pinto 100th
10/2/1954 2t issue=Sao Paulo 400th
3/24/1956 2t issue=Portuguese settlements 450th

Used by 15 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Portuguese India-issue=1898-2t-brn
issuer=Portuguese India-2t-viobrn-Archangel Gabriel (1898)
issuer=Portuguese India-2t-bl-King Carlos circle
issuer=Portuguese India-issue=1902c-2t
issuer=Portuguese India-issue=1898-2t-bl
issuer=Portuguese India-issue=1911a-2t
issuer=Portuguese India-1886-2t
issuer=Portuguese India-1886-2t-dpbl
issuer=Portuguese India-1895-2t-rose
issuer=Portuguese India-1895-2t
issuer=Portuguese India-1898-2t-bl
issuer=Portuguese India-5/1/1898-2t
issuer=Portuguese India-type=postage due-1904-2t
issuer=Portuguese India-1933-2t
issuer=Portuguese India-1956-2t