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1f denom (#8440)

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Desc: 1f

Currency: Hungarian pengő (100f=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 60

Users of this denom: Hungary (9 stamps, 0-1943)

Used by 9 stamps of Hungary: (See all uses as list)

1f pc=bl d=Arpad 1945
1926 1f dkgray issue=1926 d=Crown of St Stephen (1926) wmk=four double crosses
postage due 1927 1f issue=1927 due wmk=four double crosses
1928 1f blk issue=1928 d=Crown of St Stephen (1926) wmk=double cross on pyramid
1932 1f slvio dt=portraits (1932) d=Madach wmk=double cross on pyramid
1/1/1938 1f dpvio issue=St Stephen death 900th d=Archbishop Asztrik receives the crown from the pope wmk=double cross on pyramid
6/1/1939 1f brncar issue=religious d=Crown of St Stephen (1939) wmk=double cross on pyramid
1942 1f roselake issue=1941 d=crown wmk=cross & wreath & crown
1/1/1943 1f grnblk issue=1943 regulars dt=value tab in centre d=Arpad wmk=cross & wreath & crown perf=15

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