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2s denom (#8858)

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Desc: 2s

Currency: Ecuadorian sucre (100c=1s)

Numerical sorting value: 12000

Equivalent denoms: 2.00s

Used by 74 stamps: See all uses as list
Ecuador postal tax 1920 2s vio issue=1920 postal tax d=post office unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail 4/1/1929 2s vio issue=1929 SCADTA d=Jesuit church La Compania
Ecuador postage 8/1/1930 2s dkbl&blk issue=republic 100th d=Sucre 1930 unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail 7/24/1935 2s issue=Bolivar monument unveiling
Ecuador postage 8/1935 2s dkvio&blk issue=Bolivar monument unveiling d=Bolivar 1930 ovpt=INAUGURACION//MONUMENTO//A BOLIVAR//value//QUITO, 24 DE//JULIO DE 1935 oc=blk on=1930-5s unwmk perf=12
Ecuador postage 1936 2s bl issue=Darwin visit 100th unwmk perf=12
Ecuador official 1936 2s bl issue=1936 official unwmk
Ecuador airmail 1937 2s issue=1937 air unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail official 8/19/1937 2s ovpt=OFICIAL oc=blk on=issue=1937 air-2s unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail 1938 2s issue=constitution 150th air unwmk perf=12
Ecuador postage 2/22/1938 2s blkbrn&multi issue=US Constitution 150th d=Liberty carrying flag of Ecuador unwmk perf=12
Ecuador postage 10/30/1938 2s blgrn issue=progress unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail 3/15/1939 2s ol issue=Ecuadorean Victories at Bolivarian Games unwmk
Ecuador airmail 3/15/1939 2s car issue=Ecuadorean Victories at Bolivarian Games unwmk
Ecuador airmail 5/1/1939 2s lilrose issue=1939 air d=Ryan B-5 Brougham over Mount Chimborazo unwmk
Ecuador postage 5/15/1939 2s ol issue=first Bolivarian Olympiad d=diving (1939) unwmk perf=12
Ecuador postage 6/16/1939 2s dkvio issue=Golden Gate Expo d=Dolores Mission, San Francisco unwmk perf=12
Ecuador postage 6/30/1939 2s issue=New York World's Fair d=trylon & perisphere unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail 6/30/1939 2s yelbrn issue=Golden Gate Expo d=Golden Gate Bridge & mountain unwmk
Ecuador airmail 7/14/1939 2s vio issue=New York World's Fair d=Empire State Building & mountain unwmk
Ecuador postage 1/30/1942 2s issue=Amazon discovery 400th unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail 1/30/1942 2s grn issue=Amazon discovery 400th unwmk
Ecuador postage 4/15/1943 2s issue=Henry Wallace visit unwmk perf=12
Ecuador airmail 4/15/1943 2s multi issue=Henry Wallace visit unwmk
Ecuador airmail 6/11/1944 2s dkgrn issue=visit 1 unwmk
Ecuador airmail 7/5/1944 2s dkgrn issue=visit 2 unwmk
Ecuador airmail 7/23/1944 2s dkgrn issue=visit 3 unwmk
Ecuador airmail 4/25/1945 2s bl&red issue=Red Cross 80th unwmk
Ecuador postage 10/2/1945 2s issue=Rios visit unwmk
Ecuador airmail 10/2/1945 2s multi issue=Rios visit unwmk
Ecuador postage 11/14/1945 2s sep issue=Sucre 150th d=General Sucre 1945 unwmk
Ecuador airmail 8/9/1946 2s ind issue=1944 coup 2nd d=flag of Ecuador unwmk
Ecuador airmail 11/27/1947 2s ol issue=1947 air d=Riobamba Irrigation Canal unwmk
Ecuador airmail 9/10/1948 2s issue=postal flight 25th d=Transport with Air Mail unwmk
Ecuador airmail 10/24/1948 2s issue=Roosevelt&freedoms unwmk
Ecuador airmail 11/17/1948 2s multi issue=200th Anniversary of the Death of Pedro Vicente Maldonado d=PV Maldonado unwmk
Ecuador postage 5/2/1949 2s grayblk&redbrn issue=Cervantes 400th d=Cervantes & Don Quixote & windmill unwmk
Ecuador postage 2/26/1952 2s dlbl&sep issue=President Galo Plaza visit to US d=Plaza addressing Congress unwmk
Ecuador postage 1955 2s brn issue=1955 d=Jivaco-Indianman unwmk perf=12
Ecuador postage 1957 2s brn issue=1957 dt=scenic (1955) unwmk
Ecuador postage 9/5/1957 2s dkred issue=7th Postal Congress of the Americas and Spain d=Marcos & Herran & Michelena unwmk
Ecuador postage 1958 2s multi dt=visits (1958) d=Ramon Villeda Morales & flags unwmk
Ecuador postage 1958 2s multi dt=visits (1958) d=Richard Nixon & flags unwmk
Ecuador postage 6/21/1963 2s grayvio&red issue=Red Cross 100th unwmk
Ecuador postage 7/1/1963 2s multi issue=Presidential Goodwill Tour unwmk
Ecuador postage 12/16/1964 2s multi issue=Olympics 1964 d=Airmail unwmk
Ecuador airmail 6/1/1966 2s multi issue=700th Anniversary of the Birth of Dante unwmk
Ecuador postage 6/17/1966 2s multi dt=birds (1966 Ecuador) d=Geotrygon saphirina unwmk
Ecuador postage 5/1/1967 2s multi issue=4th National Eucharistic Congress unwmk
Ecuador postage 4/1/1968 2s multi issue=Tourism Year unwmk
(plus 24 more) See all uses as list

Used by 4 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Ecuador-issue=1937 air-2s