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2s denom (#8873)

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Desc: 2s

Currency: Norwegian speciedaler (120sk=120s=1sd)

Numerical sorting value: 120

Users of this denom: Norway (4 stamps, 1857-1874)

Used by 4 stamps of Norway: (See all uses as list)

1/30/1857 2s yel issue=1856 d=King Oscar I perf=13
2/4/1865 2s yel issue=1863 d=arms of Norway (1863) perf=14.5x13.5
5/12/1867 2s org issue=1867 d=arms of Norway (1867) perf=14.5x13.5
1874 2s ultra issue=1872 d=posthorn (1872) wmk=posthorn (Norway) perf=14.5x13.5

Used by 3 stampdescs as denom: