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2s denom (#8877)

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Desc: 2s

Currency: Thai baht (100s=100st=1t=1b)

Numerical sorting value: 120

Users of this denom: Thailand (24 stamps, 1909-1943)

Used by 24 stamps of Thailand: (See all uses as list)

8/15/1909 2s grn issue=1909 provisional b d=King Chulalongkorn & temple oc=blk on=1908-2a-grn
8/15/1909 2s org&grn issue=1909 provisional b d=King Chulalongkorn & temple oc=blk on=1905-1a-org&grn perf=14
8/15/1909 2s vio&sl issue=1909 provisional b d=King Chulalongkorn & temple oc=blk on=1905-2a-vio&sl perf=14
5/5/1910 2s org&grn issue=1910 d=King Chulalongkorn (1910) perf=14x14.5
10/15/1912 2s ltbrn issue=1912 d=King Vajiravudh perf=14x14.5
1914 2s ultra d=King Vajiravudh oc=blk on=1912-14s-ultra perf=14x14.5
4/3/1915 2s org&grn d=King Chulalongkorn & temple oc=blk on=1905-1a-org&grn perf=14
4/3/1915 2s vio&sl d=King Chulalongkorn & temple oc=blk on=1905-2a-vio&sl perf=14
10/1916 2s bl d=King Chulalongkorn (1910) oc=blk on=1910-14s perf=14x14.5
1/1/1917 2s orgbrn issue=1917 d=King Vajiravudh redrawn perf=14
semipostal 1/11/1918 2s issue=1918 semi
12/2/1918 2s orgbrn d=King Vajiravudh redrawn ovpt=VICTORY oc=blk on=1917-2s-orgbrn perf=14
semipostal 12/21/1920 2s issue=1920 wild tiger c
8/6/1921 2s brn issue=1920 d=King Vajiravudh 1920 perf=14x15
airmail 4/21/1925 2s brn issue=1925 air d=garuda perf=14,14.5
airmail 1928 2s brn d=garuda ovpt=foo oc=blk on=issue=1925 air-2s-brn perf=14,14.5
4/15/1928 2s brn issue=1928 d=King Prajadhipok profile perf=12.5
airmail 1930 2s brn issue=1930 air d=garuda perf=12.5
4/1/1932 2s dkbrn issue=Chakri dynasty 150th d=Rama I & Rama VII (a) perf=12.5
6/24/1939 2s dlredbrn d=Assembly Hall
5/13/1940 2s dlbrn issue=1940 d=Chakri Palace perf=12.5
4/17/1941 2s brn dt=pictorial (1941) d=King Ananda Mahidol perf=12.5
airmail 1942 2s d=monument to democracy perf=12.5
11/25/1943 2s brnorg issue=revolt suppression 10th perf=11

Used by 7 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Thailand-issue=1925 air-2s-brn