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25r denom (#8969)

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Desc: 25r

Currency: Brazilian real (old) (1000r=1mr)

Numerical sorting value: 1500

Users of this denom: Brazil (5 stamps, 1920-1931)

Used by 5 stamps of Brazil: (See all uses as list)

1920 25r olgray issue=1918a d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right) perf=12.5,13,13x13.5
1920 25r olgray issue=1918b d=Liberty Head (1918 facing right) wmk=CASA DA MOEDA perf=12.5,13,13x13.5
1920 25r grayvio issue=1920 d=industry perf=13.5x13,13x13.5
1922 25r brnvio issue=1922 d=industry wmk=CASA DA MOEDA
1931 25r dkpur issue=1931 d=industry wmk=CORREIO BRASIL & 5 stars in squared circle

Used by 1 stampdesc as denom: