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14c denom (#9006)

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  • Colnect-1999-034-Angle-headed-Agama-Goniocephalus-godeffroyi.jpg
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  • Colnect-1488-579--quot-Madame-Elijah-quot--landing.jpg
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  • Colnect-5890-025-Map-of%C2%A0Nauru-Flower%C2%A0Garland.jpg
Desc: 14c

Currency: Australian dollar (100c=1$)

Numerical sorting value: 840

Users of this denom: Nauru (1 stamp, 1976), Norfolk Island (3 stamps, 1973-1974), Papua New Guinea (6 stamps, 1971-1973)

Used by 10 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Papua New Guinea 6/9/1971 14c issue=4th South Pacific Games d=sailing (1971)
Papua New Guinea 8/18/1971 14c dt=industries (1971) d=Marketplace
Papua New Guinea 3/15/1972 14c dt=reptiles (1972 Papua New Guinea) d=Goniocephalus godeffroyi
Papua New Guinea 6/7/1972 14c issue=PNG aviation 50th d=De Havilland D.H.37
Papua New Guinea 3/30/1973 14c dt=birds of paradise (1973) d=Paradisaea decora (1973)
Papua New Guinea 8/22/1973 14c issue=1973 dt=local scenes & occupations d=crocodile hunters
Norfolk Island 11/19/1973 14c issue=historic buildings d=Beach Stores perf=14x14.5
Norfolk Island 3/28/1974 14c issue=First aircraft to visit Norfolk Island d=Madame Elijah landing
Norfolk Island 10/8/1974 14c issue=Norfolk discovery 200th perf=14
Nauru 1/31/1976 14c issue=return 30th d=Map of Nauru in flower garland perf=14.5