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3.70b denom (#985)

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Desc: 3.70b

Currency: Bolivian boliviano (100c=1b=1b$=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 22200

Users of this denom: Bolivia (4 stamps, 1947-1953)

Used by 4 stamps of Bolivia: (See all uses as list)

9/20/1947 3.70b issue=seizure of government palace d=People Attacking Presidential Palace
airmail 9/26/1948 3.70b issue=3rd Inter-American Catholic Education Congress d=child kneeling before cross of Golgotha
airmail 7/18/1952 3.70b d=Columbus Lighthouse
airmail 4/9/1953 3.70b issue=1952 revolution 1st d=Villaroel & Estenssoro & Zuazo