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Grus antigone

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Short desc: Grus antigone

Things in this design:
bird Grus antigone

This design is used by 6 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Thailand 2/1/1967 2b dt=birds (1967 Thailand) wmk=zigzag lines (Thailand) perf=13.5
Cambodia 5/5/1995 700r dt=Protected Animals (1995)
Nepal 11/20/1996 5r issue=Butterflies and Birds dt=Butterflies and Birds
Niger 1998 180fr issue=Animals of the World 1998 perf=13.25
Liberia 8/31/1998 32c issue=Birds of the World 1998 perf=14x14.25
Cambodia 12/5/2005 1800r issue=Water Birds 2005 dt=Water Birds (2005)

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