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electric locomotive

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Short desc: electric locomotive

Things in this design:
locomotive electric locomotive

This design is used by 18 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Yugoslavia 12/15/1949 10d issue=Yugoslav railroad 100th perf=12.75
Trieste Zone B 1950 10d issue=1950 ovpt ovpt=STT//VUJA oc=blk on=issuer=Yugoslavia-12/15/1949-10d perf=12.75
Poland 1/26/1954 80g redbrn perf=9-14.5
Japan 11/19/1956 10y
German Democratic Republic 3/1/1957 25pf dpbl issue=Leipzig Spring Fair 1957
Bulgaria 11/1/1962 2s issue=8th Party Congress perf=11.5
Bulgaria 7/1/1964 5s dt=locomotives (1964) perf=11.5
India 9/1965 10p bl issue=1965 wmk=Asokan capital
Romania 12/20/1967 4l issue=1967
ICC, Laos & Viet Nam 10/2/1968 10p bl ovpt=hindi//ICC oc=blk on=issuer=India-issue=1965-10p wmk=Asokan capital
Romania 4/1/1971 4l issue=Postal and transport perf=VARIOUS
German Democratic Republic 5/22/1973 5pf dt=GDR-made rail cars
North Korea 9/14/1976 40ch dt=locomotives (1976 North Korea) perf=12
Nauru 5/6/1980 32c issue=10 years Phosphate Company perf=15
Zimbabwe 8/21/1985 18c issue=1985 perf=14.75
Venezuela 5/25/1993 100b issue=19th Pan-American Railways Congress
Slovakia 8/20/1998 10sk issue=150th Anniversary of Railroads in Slovakia
Guinea 12/4/2001 1500fr issue=Locomotives and Movie Posters perf=13.25

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