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Short desc: students

Things in this design:
person type student

This design is used by 9 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Hungary 9/24/1938 16f brncar issue=Debrecen University 400th wmk=double cross on pyramid
Romania 5/1/1946 200l red issue=Labor Day 1946 wmk=cross & crown mult perf=13.75x13.25
Russia 10/29/1948 50k grn issue=Komsomol 30th perf=12
Poland 8/24/1953 40g dkbrn issue=3rd World Congress of Students perf=9-14.5
Romania 7/5/1954 1.75l carrose dt=youth agriculture wmk=RPR mult endless perf=14
Romania 6/11/1960 3b mag issue=1960 wmk=RPR mult endless
China, PRC 11/30/1965 8f dt=women workers perf=11
German Democratic Republic 5/24/1972 35pf issue=8th FDGB Congress
United Arab Emirates 12/2/1974 35f issue=National Day 1974 perf=14

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