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Perf: 11

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Short desc: Perf: 11

This design is used by 11 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Yugoslavia postage due 11/22/1921 2din bl issue=1921 due b perf=9 - 11.5
Libya authorized delivery 5/11/1929 10c bl
Uruguay parcel post 6/7/1930 2c blgrn issue=1929 parcel post wmk=REPUBLICA O. DEL URUGUAY
Poland postage due 1946 2Zł yelbrn issue=1946 due
North Korea 3/20/1957 5w ltbl issue=Monuments 1957 perf=10
North Korea 3/20/1957 40w graygrn issue=Monuments 1957 perf=10
North Korea 2/4/1958 10w bl issue=10th Anniversary of National Army perf=10
North Korea airmail 2/4/1958 20w bl issue=Lisunov Li-2 Airplane perf=10
North Korea 7/4/1958 10w grn&redbrn issue=First Congress of the Young Workers, Prague perf=10
North Korea 7/24/1958 10w ltbl issue=Workers Apartment Houses perf=10
North Korea 7/20/1975 2w issue=Buildings in Pyongyang 1975 dt=buildings in Pyongyang (1975) perf=12

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