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This design is used by 6 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Portugal 6/24/1999 95e|0.47€ issue=Meeting of Cultures
Madeira region 7/1/1999 95e issue=Flags from Frederico-de-Freitas Museum Funchal
Portugal 7/2/1999 95e|0.47€ issue=50th Anniversary of Surrealism in Portugal
Portugal 8/21/1999 95e|0.47€ issue=125th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union
Azores region 9/3/1999 95e dt=paintings (1999 Azores region)
UN offices in Vienna 10/6/2000 6.50s|0.47€ issue=UNESCO World Heritage - Spain perf=15x14.5

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