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King Alfonso XIII (1922 b)

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Short desc: King Alfonso XIII (1922 b)

Things in this design:
person King Alfonso XIII

This design is used by 13 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Spain 1922 1p blblk issue=1922
Spain 1922 4p lk issue=1922
Spain 1922 10p yelbrn issue=1922
Spanish Morocco 1923 1p blblk issue=1923b ovpt=ZONA... oc=blk on=issuer=Spain-issue=1922-1p
Andorra (Sp) 1928 1p blblk issue=1928 ovpt=CORREOS//ANDORRA oc=red on=issuer=Spain-1922-1p-blblk
Andorra (Sp) 1928 4p lk issue=1928 ovpt=CORREOS//ANDORRA oc=red on=issuer=Spain-1922-4p
Andorra (Sp) 1928 10p yelbrn issue=1928 ovpt=CORREOS//ANDORRA oc=blk on=issuer=Spain-1922-10p-yelbrn
Spanish Morocco 1929 10p yelbrn issue=1929b ovpt=CORREO ESPANOL//MARRUECOS oc=blk on=issuer=Spain-issue=1922-10p
Spain 6/10/1929 1p blblk issue=League of Nations assembly ovpt=Sociedad//... oc=blk on=issue=1922-1p
Spain 6/10/1929 4p lk issue=League of Nations assembly ovpt=Sociedad//... oc=blk on=issue=1922-4p
Spain 6/10/1929 10p yelbrn issue=League of Nations assembly ovpt=Sociedad//... oc=blk on=issue=1922-10p
Spain 1931 1p blblk issue=Barcelona 1st revolutionary ovpt=REPUBLICA(horiz) oc=blk on=issue=1922-1p-blblk
Spain 5/27/1931 1p blblk issue=Republic ovpt=Republica//Espanola. oc=blk on=issue=1922-1p-blblk

All are perf=14

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