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seal of Paraguay (1904)

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Short desc: seal of Paraguay (1904)

Things in this design:
symbol seal of Paraguay

This design is used by 63 stamps: (See all uses as list)
1c blgray unissued
1c scar unissued
5c dkgrn unissued
5c org unissued
10c lilbrn unissued
10c ltbrn unissued
10c rose unissued
20c yelorg unissued
20c vio unissued
20c yel unissued
30c red unissued
30c dlbl unissued
30c orgbrn unissued
60c mag unissued
1p graybl unissued
2/21/1905 1c yelorg issue=1905
2/21/1905 5c dkbl issue=1905
2/21/1905 10c och issue=1905
2/21/1905 20c viobrn issue=1905
2/21/1905 30c bl issue=1905 perf=11.5x12
2/21/1905 60c brn issue=1905 perf=11.5x12
2/1906 5c slbl issue=1905
6/1906 2c ver issue=1905
8/1906 1c red issue=1905
8/1906 30c grn issue=1905
10/8/1906 5c yel issue=1905
1907 1c grnbl issue=1905
1907 5c olgrn oc=blk on=1907-2c-olgrn
1907 5c ver oc=blk on=1906-2c-ver
3/1907 20c och issue=1905
5/1907 10c emer issue=1905
9/1907 2c olgrn issue=1905
9/1907 20c grn issue=1905
10/1907 60c org issue=1905 perf=11x12
1908 5c grnbl issue=1908d oc=blk on=1c-grnbl
1908 5c brn issue=1908d oc=blk on=60c-brn perf=11.5x12
1908 5c ver issue=1908d oc=blk on=2c-ver
1908 20c grnbl issue=1908d oc=blk on=1c-grnbl
1908 20c car issue=1908d oc=blk on=2c-car perf=11x12
1908 20c lil issue=1908d oc=blk on=30c-lil perf=11x12
1908 20c ver issue=1908d oc=blk on=2c-ver
3/5/1908 1c grnbl issue=1908i ovpt=1908 oc=blk on=1c-grnbl
3/5/1908 5c yel issue=1908i ovpt=1908 oc=blk on=1906-5c-yel
3/5/1908 10c lilbrn issue=1908i ovpt=1908 oc=blk on=10c-lilbrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
3/5/1908 20c yelorg issue=1908i ovpt=1908 oc=blk on=20c-yelorg-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
3/5/1908 30c red issue=1908i ovpt=1908 oc=blk on=30c-red-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
3/5/1908 60c mag issue=1908i ovpt=1908 oc=blk on=60c-mag-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
3/5/1908 1p graybl issue=1908i ovpt=1908 oc=blk on=1p-graybl-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
3/14/1908 30c lil issue=1905 perf=11x12
5/1/1908 2c car issue=1905 perf=11x12
5/27/1908 10c viobl issue=1905 perf=11x12
9/1909 1c blgray issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=1c-blgray-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 1c scar issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=1c-scar-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 5c dkgrn issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=5c-dkgrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 5c org issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=5c-org-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 10c ltbrn issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=10c-ltbrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 10c rose issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=10c-rose-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 20c vio issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=20c-vio-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 20c yel issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=20c-yel-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 30c dlbl issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=30c-dlbl-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
9/1909 30c orgbrn issue=1909 ovpt=1909 oc=blk on=30c-orgbrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
5/1910 60c salpink issue=1905
1927 50c mag oc=blk on=3/5/1908-60c
(plus 13 more)

All are Paraguay

Used by 15 stampdescs as design:
issuer=Paraguay-10c-lilbrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-20c-yelorg-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-30c-red-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-60c-mag-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-1p-graybl-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-1c-blgray-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-1c-scar-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-5c-dkgrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-5c-org-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-10c-ltbrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-10c-rose-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-20c-vio-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-20c-yel-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-30c-dlbl-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued
issuer=Paraguay-30c-orgbrn-seal of Paraguay (1904)-unissued

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