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Manco Capac (1896)

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Short desc: Manco Capac (1896)

Things in this design:
person Manco Capac (syn. of Manco Cápac)

This design is used by 6 stamps:See all uses as list
Peru 1896 1c ultra issue=1896 perf=12
Peru 1898 1c yelgrn issue=1896 perf=12
Peru 1896 2c bl issue=1896 perf=12
Peru 1899 2c red issue=1896 perf=12
Peru 1915 1c yelgrn issue=1915 provisional ovpt=value//1915 oc=blk on=1898-1c-yelgrn perf=12
Peru official 1896 1c ultra issue=1896 official ovpt=GOBIERNO oc=blk on=1896-1c-ultra perf=12

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