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Khyber Pass

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Short desc: Khyber Pass

This design is used by 9 stamps: (See all uses as list)
1951 10r roselil issue=1948
1954 25r pur issue=1948
1957 15r blgrn issue=1948
1/1/1961 1p vio issue=1961b
1/1/1961 2p red issue=1961b
1/1/1961 3p mag issue=1961b
1/1/1961 5p ultra issue=1961b
1/1/1961 7p emer issue=1961b
10/7/1963 13p mag issue=Public Works Dept 100th ovpt=100 YEARS OF P.W.D.//OCTOBER, 1963 oc=blk on=1961-3p-mag

All are Pakistan

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