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boxers in ring

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Short desc: boxers in ring
Note that the second issue of this design is not an overprint of the first, for instance the order of names is different, but the second version includes a date correction from 24-9-74 to 25-9-74.

Things in this design:
person type boxers (syn. of boxer)

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11/9/1974 1k issue=Foreman-Ali fight
11/9/1974 4k issue=Foreman-Ali fight
11/9/1974 6k issue=Foreman-Ali fight
11/9/1974 14k issue=Foreman-Ali fight
11/9/1974 20k issue=Foreman-Ali fight
8/1975 0.01z issue=Ali-Foreman fight 1975
8/1975 0.04z issue=Ali-Foreman fight 1975
8/1975 0.06z issue=Ali-Foreman fight 1975
8/1975 0.14z issue=Ali-Foreman fight 1975
8/1975 0.20z issue=Ali-Foreman fight 1975

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