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arms of Bolivia (1919 period)

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Short desc: arms of Bolivia (1919 period)

Things in this design:
arms arms of Bolivia

This design is used by 19 stamps:See all uses as list
Bolivia 1919 1c car issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1920 2c dkvio issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1919 5c grn issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1919 10c ver issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1919 20c dkbl issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1919 22c bl issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1919 24c vio issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1919 50c org issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1920 1b redbrn issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1920 2b blkbrn issue=1919 perf=12
Bolivia 1924 5c car ovpt=Habilitada//5 cts. oc=bl on=1919-1c-car perf=12
Bolivia 1924 15c bl ovpt=Habilitada//15 cts.(wide) oc=blk on=22c perf=12
Bolivia 1924 15c ver ovpt=Habilitada//15 cts.(wide) oc=blk on=10c-arms of Bolivia (1919 period) perf=12
Bolivia 1924 15c ver ovpt=Habilitada//15 cts.(narrow) oc=blk on=10c-arms of Bolivia (1919 period) perf=12
Bolivia 9/1927 5c car ovpt=1927//5//CENTAVOS oc=blk on=1919-1c-car perf=12
Bolivia 9/1927 10c vio ovpt=1927//10//CENTAVOS oc=blk on=1919-24c-vio perf=12
Bolivia 1928 15c dkbl issue=1928 ovpt oc=red on=1919-20c perf=12
Bolivia 1928 15c org issue=1928 ovpt oc=blk on=1919-50c perf=12
Bolivia 1928 15c vio issue=1928 ovpt oc=blk on=1919-24c perf=12

Used by 1 stampdesc as design:
issuer=Bolivia-10c-arms of Bolivia (1919 period)

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