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Merops bullockoides

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Short desc: Merops bullockoides

Things in this design:
bird Merops bullockoides (syn. of white-fronted bee-eater)

This design is used by 12 stamps: (See all uses as list)
South Africa 11/1/2000 5r issue=birds 2000 dt=birds (2000 South Africa)
Zambia 8/12/2002 700k dt=birds of Zambia
Zambia 12/26/2003 1000k dt=birds of Zambia
Sierra Leone 3/10/2008 2800le issue=2008 surcharges d oc=blk on=600le-Merops bullockoides
St. Thomas & Prince Islands 9/15/2014 96000db issue=Bee-eaters perf=13.25
Togo 10/26/2015 900F issue=Bee-Eaters 2015 b
Mozambique 11/10/2016 100.00MT issue=Bee-Eaters 2016 perf=13.25
South Africa 5/18/2017 B4 issue=Bee-eaters
Sierra Leone 6/30/2017 9800le issue=Bee-Eaters 2017 perf=13.25
Mozambique 2/15/2018 116.00MT issue=Bee-Eaters 2018 perf=13.25
Angola 12/10/2018 300Kz issue=Bee-Eaters 2018 perf=13
Maldive Islands 8/29/2019 22r issue=Bee-Eaters 2019

Used by 1 stampdesc as design:
issuer=Sierra Leone-600le-Merops bullockoides

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