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Crater, Aden

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Short desc: Crater, Aden
A view from the sea towards Crater, one of the old parts of the port of Aden.

Things in this design:
place Crater, Aden

This design is used by 4 stamps: (See all uses as list)
6/15/1953 15c blgrn issue=1953a wmk=mult crown & script CA
1/26/1959 15c graygrn issue=Revised Constitution ovpt=REVISED//CONSTITUTION//1959(arabic) oc=red on=issue=1953-15c wmk=mult crown & script CA
4/26/1959 15c graygrn issue=1953b wmk=mult crown & script CA
1964 15c prusgrn issue=1953c wmk=St Edwards crown & CA

All are Aden perf=12

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