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Gyps rueppellii

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Short desc: Gyps rueppellii

Things in this design:
bird Gyps rueppellii

This design is used by 7 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Mauritania postage due 9/7/1963 0.50fr issue=1963 due dt=birds (1963 Mauritania)
Gambia 4/15/1993 3d issue=Birds of Prey
Togo 1/23/1995 1500fr issue=1995 dt=birds (1995 Togo) perf=14
Tanzania 9/16/1996 300sh issue=Birds 1996 dt=birds (1996 Tanzania)
Chad 6/2/2003 375fr dt=flora & fauna (2003 Chad)
Niger 4/25/2014 750fr issue=50th Anniversary of the Red List
Niger 5/12/2017 800fr issue=Birds of Prey 2017 b

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